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Unspecified; twenty-something

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Captain of the Princess' Royal Guard, Rummy is the second person Mouse encounters on the island as she has been assigned by Xelpherpolis to escort Mouse to the various events.


Rummy is very dedicated but torn between her duty to Princess Loreille and her love for Xelpherpolis. She likes to swim near a barren stretch of beach where local aquatic life give her a strange sense of belonging. She is also apologetic and not very self-confident.


Rummy is one of the first characters you can recruit.

Your first opportunity is during Week 2:

Day 2 6am. You must arrive at the stretch of beach where you met Rummy the first time before she brought you to the Gem Ceremony. Mouse will tell her the truth and she'll get mad.

Later that night, you should make sure to arrive at the restaurant at around 7:25pm to be sure you don't miss her. After the dinner, a scene will play wherein Mouse will walk her to her house. She starts to ask him a favor but only the player knows what she says (she says it from the other side of her door).

Day 3 after 12am, eavesdrop at Rummy's door at some point in the day. You should hear her planning.

Day 4, in the castle, after noon, head down to the floor below and find Rummy in her room on the far east side and talk to her. She'll leave temporarily. Examine the items on her table one at a time. You'll battle a boss called Jaylamu. Afterward, head to the kitchen across from the stairs on the west side of the floor and talk to the chefs between 7pm and 8pm. Examine the glasses, select Blue and fight Jaylamu again.

After that the banquet scene will repeat, but with a different outcome. At the end of the scene, if you've done everything correctly, Rummy will awaken from the spell of time and join you.

If Rummy is your only recruit for the week, she'll greet you as usual after the loop. She playfully acts as though her memory has reset. The conversation will move to Mouse's room.

Recruiting Rummy is required to get pass the guard at the far west side of the town and explore the rest of the island.


If Fang is not in your party, either through not recruiting him or if you somehow beat Twinbloom before he joins; Rummy will join Mouse in leaving the Island.

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