Clock Repair


Unspecified; mid twenties

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Eye Color




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Special Abilities

Claire is the island's expert on clocks and runs the only Clock Shop on the island. Her connection to Mouse is solidified due to his watch and his ability to hold his liquor.


Claire likes to drink. Mouse first encounters her in a pub on the east side of the city. She is a little flirty, giving Mouse advice on how to approach woman and stating she's sure they've met before asking to see his watch.


Meet Claire at the pub on the east side of the city at night. Talk to her then buy her a drink.

The next day, enter the Clock Shop, then exit. Claire will join your party. Upon re-entering the shop, you'll be invited to use the Time Vault.

If Claire is your only recruit for the week, she'll greet you at the docks after the loop. The conversation will then move to Mouse's room.

Drinking Mini-GameEdit

After recruiting Claire, you can still find her in that same pub when she's not in your party. Go there at night and talk to the matron. Winning the game against Claire will get you a map piece each time until you have six... from then on, you'll receive other items. This game has a proclivity to cheat as even when Claire is clearly more drunk than Mouse, the game will state that you've lost. To guarantee a win, you Claire must be substantially more drunk than you.

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